Raised beds in the garden

Indian sandstone paving and raised beds

This raised bed design divides the garden up into productive and decorative areas. Higher raised beds are helpful for those with mobility difficulties and can enable them to carry on a hobby. Raised beds can make it easier to grow crops which don’t suit your current soil conditions. They lend themselves to growing herbs and … Read moreRaised beds in the garden

New build to lovely outdoor space

New build garden

New build houses often come with nightmare areas where a garden is destined to go. They are often filled with builders rubble, poor drainage, and lots of other unmentionables. I have even known a buried car in one plot. To transform this wasteland into a comfortable outdoor space suitable for a garden requires some imagination … Read moreNew build to lovely outdoor space

Planting styles

Lovely Iris Sibirica

Planting styles from this post are both relaxed and informal. I picked these to showcase the garden as a green and inviting space. These are a few examples of my designs or even chosen plants that I have trialed in my own garden to see how they work. Once I come home from work I … Read morePlanting styles

Yew trees

Yew trees framing a pathway

Yew trees are very architectural. You can use them to frame a natural gateway when planted like this. They are very slow growing and stay tidy and therefore require little or no maintenance. Yews are often found in very ancient churchyards where they grow to a considerable age. Some of the oldest trees in Britain … Read moreYew trees